Food That Works

Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs 11:00 - 21:00
Fri - Sat 11:00 - 22:00, Sun 11:00 - 20:00
Götgatan 132, 118 62 Stockholm


The Plant is a vegan and organic fast-food restaurant that offers great, fresh and healthy food to our guests. The focus lies on a lot of flavor, delicious appearance and hearty dishes.



Piston Peas 105 KR
Oven baked crispy yellow pea pancake served with Silo Salad (grain salad with creamy dressing and veggies), RAW salad (freshly cut veggies mixed with fermented veggies), Chili Mayo (vegan mayonnaise with roasted chilli and fresh ginger), The Plant Ketchup (our sugar free tomato sauce)

Swedish Hummus Plate 105 KR
Yellow Pea Hummus, Silo Salad (fresh cut greens with grains and rich salad dressing), Spice Potatos, toasted wheat pita bread and chopped kale

Asparagus wrap 125 KR
Green asparagus, aioli, season salad, tamariroasted pumpkinseeds and wheat wrap. Serves with spicy potatoes and mayo.

Pancake Pestosalad 105 KR
Punch Clock Salad (fresh salad with pulses in creamy dressing), cabbage, spinach, pickles, quinoa, chickpeaspancakes, parsley pesto and tamariroasted pumpkinseeds.

Labor stew Prôvence 105 KR
Chickpeasstew with saffron, aioli, spice-potatoes and roasted buckwheatbread.


All our burgers are served with our famous The Plant-burger patty made from Swedish kidney beans

Hammer Burger 110 KR
BBQ-shroom (braised oyster mushroom with smoke and tamari), Chili Mayo (vegan mayonnaise with roasted chilli and fresh ginger), Pickles (sugar free pickled veggies) & Spinach

Cheezy Burger 115 KR
Veg Cheese, The Plant Ketchup (our sugar free tomato sauce), pickles, spinach and mustard fried onion

Newbie Burger 100 KR
The Plant Mayo (our vegan mayonnaise from soy milk and oil), The Plant Ketchup (our sugar free tomato sauce), Pickles and Spinach

- Spice-Potatoes & Mayo


Spiced Potatoes De Lux with Mayo, Pickles 35 KR
Piston Peas & Chilli Shift Mayo 35 KR
Swedish Hummus, toasted pitabread & RAW Salad 30 KR

Chili mayo 12 KR
Parsley Pesto 20 KR
Hummus 20 KR

Go coconuts ice cream - Hazelnut 50 KR
Go Coconuts ice cream - Chocolate 50 KR

All of our food can be served without added gluten. Let us know!



One glass Bottle
White 95 KR 340 KR
Red 95 KR 340 KR
Rosé 95 KR 340 KR


Draft 40 cl 70 KR
Bottle 33 cl 65 KR
Quinoa Beer 33cl 65 KR
Non-alcoholic Beer 35 KR


Chunky Smoothies 35 SEK
Whole earth Cola Pris 30 SEK
Whole earth Ginger Pris 30 SEK
Ramlösa 20 SEK
Passionsfruit/Bloodorange juice 30 SEK
Coffee 20 SEK
Tea 20 SEK